Why should I sign up for

Forever Fantasy?

  1. You can tear the writing apart if you hate it — Seriously, I won’t be upset! I’m a new author so I’m looking for any feedback I can get. Whether you give me a 5 star review, or a 1 star review, I am honestly just grateful that you took the time to read my work. This isn’t about making money for me — this is about pursuing my passion.

  2. I keep it short and sweet — Each week, I’ll release one chapter from a new sci-fi novel that I’ve been working on. But even if you don’t subscribe to Forever Fantasy, there are tons of other free newsletters out there where writers release a novel in pieces. Seriously, check them out!

  3. I’m not a terrible writer — Ok, I know this is subjective, but I think I’m a decent writer, and I do have some credentials. I am currently the lead writer for the blog at a large ecommerce company. In addition, I started my marketing career as a junior copywriter and I did indeed attend part of a PhD program in Integrative Neuroscience, where I published two academic articles (I’ll spare you those — they’re long and boring, but feel free to reach out if you want to read them!).

I’m willing to check out your writing too!

If you’re also a writer, please reach out to me! I’d love to find other fiction writers to talk to and swap work with for critiquing. I love reading new authors’ WIP and getting a sneak peak of the magic behind a bestseller.


Meagan Voulo
Author of Professional Student, Marketing Analyst, Tutor, Dissertation Consultant